Meet Safe Paws

We are a small private, volunteer only, pet rescue operation in Tampa Bay Florida. We have no buildings, no employees, no benefactors – just a handful of hardworking volunteers. We are always looking for foster homes, adopters and volunteers to help our cause. Our mission is to rescue, help, rehabilitate and re-home needy pets.

Doing Good

Making A Difference

Safe Paws Rescue’s mission is to keep a dog in it’s home if possible. So when we heard about an older woman living alone with multiple medical conditions and two dogs from Veterinarian, Hil-lary Hart, we stepped in to help. With limited income, it was difficult to care for the dogs. Safe Paws Rescue stepped in with food, vitamins, preventives, grooming, and groceries. Medical issues stopped her from walking the dogs. The condition of the backyard and fence made it impossible to let the dogs out safely. Volunteers from Safe Paws cleaned up the yard and repaired the fence, so now she can let the dogs out with no worries. Safe Paws is not the only one to help. Cameron Pest Control donated their services treating the house, inside and out for fleas. Art then asked Next Door members to help her with a used washer and dryer — he got better than that! Alex Hodges with New Hotel Collection sent three of his workers (Bob Wilcoxon, Dustin Shelton, and Easton Hodges) to install a new washer and dryer free of charge! Caring people.